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Hummingbird and Rosemary Chap Four
So sweet and delicious do I become,
when I am in bed with a man
who, I sense, loves and enjoys me,
that the pleasure I bring excels all delight,
so the knot of love, however tight
it seemed before, is tied tighter still
.” - Veronica Franco (Poems and Selected Letters)
Chapter Four 
Showing off, Ratigan scoffed, "You call that showing off? You could've killed anyone with at the speed those birds were going," he said, "I'm just relieved you caused just a little chaos and rest is just property damage..." He pulled the stool closer as Basil finally finished the cigarette and threw it into the nearby bin in his cell, "But that's besides the point, you're going to make us meet different worldly versions of you...correct?" 
"More or less," Basil shrugged, "It's like a chaotic apartment with odd tenants, and I happen to be manager."
Ratigan's eyes furrowed, "I guess Finch is an unwanted squatter?"
"Again...more or less," Basil repeated, "I don't w
:iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 3 0
Hummingbird And Rosemary Chap Three
Sand can be any shade of yellow, from peroxide blond to canary, or even with a tinge of pink. 
Yellow sand is tender
.” - Herta Müller (The Hunger Angel) 
Chapter Three
Haas Effect 
"Blackbird?" Ratigan asked remembering during the times of winter that blackbirds were awfully territorial, mostly the males of the species; how they squawked and flapped their wings when another blackbird came onto the same patch of roof or grass. It made sense in a weird way, Ratigan was allowed inside Finch's dreamscape, Finch was below, so was this blackbird, but this didn't explain the hostility towards him.
"I call him that because he's coaxed in black feathers and he doesn't want the stain and muck to get to him," Basil explained, "He was once a Basil who gave undying love to his Ratigan but while I was still barely an afterthought, let's just say his Ratigan not only betrayed his heart--blackbird retorted by plucking out his eyes."
"And his death?" Ratigan was
:iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 4 3
The Hummingbird And Rosemary Chap Two
Car j'ai, pour fasciner ces dociles amants,
De purs miroirs qui font toutes choses plus belles:
Mes yeux, mes larges yeux aux clartés éternelles

lovers bewitched are they, for I possess
pure mirrors harbouring worlds of loveliness:
my wide, wide eyes where fires eternal dwell
!- Charles Baudelaire 
Chapter Two
Ratigan left Basil's recovery room as soon as it returned to normal as if his sleeping faded the curious magic within his hands. The walls returned to a dirty pale white, and the lamp above no longer gave a pinkish hue. But, Ratigan was left with more questions than answers but he didn't want to disturb Basil's sleeping. Things weren't adding up. First Basil said he could've been in a trance, then he claimed he was with Ratigan the time of the murder, now he was claiming he was world jumping somehow after death with the reset. The pieces weren't that far apart, but they didn't connect either. And the familiarity...perhaps-
:iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 4 10
The Hummingbird And Rosemary
The Hummingbird And Rosemary
By Cherilyn Ohlau
The Great Mouse Detective is owned by Eve Titus/Disney
Picture on the dreamer
I'll take you deeper
Down to the sleepy glow
Time is a low
Don't you know
What are we going to do
 - Gorillaz ("Every Planet We Reach Is Dead") 
“I realized the world around me was fragmented and broken... I had to be gentle enough not to scrape against the jagged pieces. I would not be cut today.” - Hubert Martin
Chapter One
Death In A Cadence 
Ratigan was still just a regular constable when he was brought around to a flat in London with two other officers to inspect the news of a possible case of domestic violence. But when he saw was a slender light brown mouse with wide green eyes like a panicked deer, clutching a bloody axe and gun, covered from his chest and shoes in fresh blood. The victims were those from a party along with the band that provided the music. The mouse did not give himself so easily to the authorities
:iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 7 11
Detectives In Shadow Chapter One
Chapter One 
Two Knights
4418 Morning Dove St., Floor 3, Room 13 was part of a brick bachelor apartment in Aegle on a quiet curve next to a café, bar, and flower shop. The apartment was old, and it used to be a fire station before it was renovated and given extra floors. It was 15 floors up, and yet despite the usual noisy tenants Morning Dove St. was typically quiet and laid back, except those at Floor 3, Room 13 housed two bachelors from the police department who were trying to be an independent detective agency, their sign hung pathetically from the window of their living room that each case was worth $13, yet the two had a reasonable wage from being police officers. Of course, Basil Rathbark lived there with his adopted son, Bastialus, and it was Drake Mallard who shoehorned the idea of making the sad apartment into a secondary office, just as long as Bastialus kept his babysitting duties over Goslyn. Bastialus didn't mind as long as he was being paid and was allowed to g
:iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 3 1
Detectives In Shadow
Detectives In Shadow
Darkwing Duck/Great Mouse Detective crossover
By Cherilyn Ohlau
Darkwing Duck is owned by Tad Stones
Ducktales is owned by Carl Barks/Jym Magon 
The Great Mouse Detective is owned by Eve Titus
Metropolis Aegle, The Golden Avalon 
Darian Amulius Erkens was an enigma, he appeared out from the blue, a mouse adorned with feathers and plumage mixed with his fur and hair. The citizens of Aegle saw him as a walking chimera or even a phoenix, and like the phoenix he arose from the ashes of the the publics shunning of his looks to be one of the top richest rodents. Darian was not as rich as Scrooge, as Scrooge still held himself to be the number one richest in the entire world as Glomgold held second...Darian was well nestled in third but that did not stop the public to have fondness over him. He wasn't a common household name, but he had gained enough headway that made Scrooge and Glomgold turn their heads in surprise. Darian visited Duckburg on a talk s
:iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 3 6
Misery Diary
Basil And The Misery Diary
By Cherilyn Ohlau
GMD is owned by Eve Titus/Disney
What do you say to the dead 
Will you forgive me for living 
Can't believe the things that they said    
Wonderful day for a killing 
It's killing me
What do they do with your soul 
Is it just lying there busted 
When did you lose all control 
Is there someone to be trusted 
With my mind
Oh there's insufficient evidence 
Of what just might come after 
But sometimes out of nowhere 
There's demented sounds of laughter- Black Sabbath ("After All (The Dead)") 
Chapter One 
It was quiet, oddly a deafening silence as evening slowly settled, it was only 8 PM and yet not a dog was barking in the neighborhood, the birds and crickets stopped chirping soon as a mouse walked up to 221B, and knocked on my door. I was hesitant to an
:iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 6 4
Clone Detective Tansy
Clone Detective Tansy fake TV spot trailer
By Cherilyn Ohlau
GMD is owned by Eve Titus
"Way Down We Go" by Kaleo 
(A subtle drum beat and bass starts playing, as a dark room slowly lights up. Beep beep, beep beep, ker ker, zooom: "Stability process, clone awakening in progress..." "Vitals normal, thought process functional, nervous system functional..." ) 
(Fade to a very lightly furred mouse resembling Basil with light green eyes, he lays down on gurney) 
Mouse: Am I...a tool...or, an individual? 
Father tell me, we get what we deserve
Oh we get what we deserve
(An old South Korean mouse in a lab coat looks at him, smiling from his desk) 
Lab mouse: Tansy, you're an individual, you make your own choices. You were made out of Basil's DNA. The well most of it, but here you are, flesh and blood, with your own
thoughts and desires.
Tansy: But...I'm a tool for Scotland Yard. I was made to follow orders. Ji-Hun...which am I?
(Smash cut) 
:iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 2 3
Shane and Pollux by CherlnIDA Shane and Pollux :iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 3 0 Nails and Castor by CherlnIDA Nails and Castor :iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 3 0 Pollux by CherlnIDA Pollux :iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 2 0 Castor by CherlnIDA Castor :iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 1 0
Behind the scenes chapter VII (part II)
Nails walked into his bedroom stretching and laid on the bed,
snuggling into the beddings, his tail wagging. "Oh, yeah, maybe I
should work on a diagram before I hit the sacks..." He looked around
for spare pencils or pens and any unused papers.
Shane finished cleaning all the parts, and headed out of his room. He
passed Nails' open door, and gave it a knock.
Nails' ears perked and he opened the door, he saw Shane and his eyes
widened, expecting a negative reaction. He closed his eyes, bracing
"I'll be gone for a while. While I'm off, stay away from my room.
Otherwise it will be noisy in here. Now get back to whatever you did
before." He left the door open, and headed down the stairs, and went
into the rehearsing room, where Bloodlord had just put his bass back
on the stand. "Bloodlord, you got time to drive me to Sinnland? I need
to buy a new firing pin. The previous one is broken."
Nails sighed softly, "I think my heart nearly popped out of my
:iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 0 0
Behind the scenes chapter VII (part I)
Chapter 7: Band practice
"It basically means that we are going to play through our songs. Guess
we'll have to talk about love another time." Nocturlos gently slapped
Nails on his shoulder and dragged him into the rehearsal room, while
Bloodlord went upstairs to get Shane.
"Think the fans will like me even though I...don't look the part yet?"
Nails chuckled nervously.
"I am sure you will blend in...As long as you use your black clothes
you got, and our band T-shirt Makken got you, you will be fine."
Nocturlos sat down behind the drum kit, began to warm up by using the
double kick pedal.
Nails got out Angel Shriek and checked the strings and slightly
tweaked them, "I hope you're right, I'm nervous...this is the first
time I'll be performing Angel Shriek on a stage and not on a sidewalk
to earn money."
"I'm sure you will fix. There will only be like 300 people at the
most. You have played for more rodents than that before. It's piece of
cake." Nocturlos began t
:iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 0 0
Behind the scenes chapter VI (part II)
After a while, when the calm acoustics of chapter four came from the
speakers, Nocturlos said: "you don't exactly have the easiest of
backstories, do you?" He went back to listening the music, before
asking again: "Did you like the forest?"
"It was very relaxing to lay back and sleep amongst the stars at
night, it wasn't so bad...but the bugs and not finding enough to chow
on will get to you," Nails explained, "I was lucky to find some rodent
with a soup kitchen out there to feed folks like myself. Still, it was
absolutely gorgeous out there in the forest area..."
"I know, right?" Nocturlos replied with a smile. "If you want to, we
can take a walk in the forest tonight. There will be a fullmoon
tonight, and the stars will be visible as well. By the way, I need to
answer its call tonight anyways."
"Don't happen to have a photography camera I can borrow? I wanna take
photos of those stars," Nails smiled.
"No. Sorry." He replied. "The only thing I have is my ph
:iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 0 0
Behind the scenes chapter VI (part I)
Chapter 6: The day after...
Nocturlos was flabbergastered to hear from the window that his "hot
friend" was "in the back" from Tina instead of the passenger seat. He
thought the two had went through a date, but something had to happen
after Nails went with Tina. Tina waved happily and got out from the
driver's seat, "So, you coming to get him?" She added.
Nocturlos rushed down to Tina's car. Most of the lights in the house
were shut off; only the lights on the kitchen were on. A very weak
sound of metal music could be heard from the open window. "What the
fuck took you so long? The time is 21:34, you've been gone for three
hours!" He took a look into the passanger seat, and almost choke on
the air when he saw Nails unconsious wrapped in a blanket. "Did you
really wear him out that much?" He asked surprised.
"I had a little bit fun with him here and there..." Tina explained
sheepishly, "He just couldn't hold out, which is disappointing, I
expected more energy outta him," s
:iconcherlnida:CherlnIDA 0 0
Since my scanner no longer works, I'll be mostly writing up fic and stories. And I'll be writing a lot, and I give myself writing projects.
please BROWSE the gallery by StampsByNeekkoArtist Rights by taruto.: Right Gallery Stamp by ginkgografix
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>It's Much Too Early To Write... by Mintaka-TK Seriously. /dead


I really enjoy the simplicity of this piece. It's rather soothing due to the compliments of white on black. But that seems to be it, if...


NightMagican here with a message from Cher. 

Watchers, I am so so sorry, I have been working on an older version of Safari and dA has very forcefully shoved me out of using it again because my browser is outdated. This wouldn't be a problem if I was using a newer model iPad but I don't have that luxury either. This iPad has been with me since 2014 and have been using the Notes feature to write my stories in and it's easy to copy/paste to stash. That hard work has hit the fan, and I am not allowed access until I get a new tablet or until dA stops being a snobby dick and allows older versions to be compatible with it again; until then, I might go through this the old fashioned way, the last time, dA was dicking around with compatiblities: I'll just have friends copy/paste and send my works via FB messages; or something like that. I can't complain on this to dA on my own as I'm no longer allowed to access it, so feel free to report that this is not in any way productive to those who are not privileged to have a new model and new browser, you're kicking users out. This is gonna be an endurance test for me since writing stories and fics is my lifeblood...I'm stumped right now until I get a new tablet or something gives.


Cherilyn Ohlau
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Because this muthaflocker needed to be updated. Like I said before, I'm into a variety of things, and I love story and character development. Until I get a new, better scanner since mine is currently out of commission...I'm doing fics and stories instead.
Which vary,
but I'm a GMD fan (look at those fic folders, holy shit)
I promise no love tumors.
I like well developed relationships instead and ship teasing. I also like subtext. And making readers laugh and cry. I'm mainly doing GMD oriented stuff right now, but I do have plans regarding reviving old stories from my high school years.
I like a nice refreshing take instead of the usual pile, so I consider my works to be a nice variety pill, and none of the works are alike. I also took some artistic license of a few things...but nothing too offensive. Oh, and I do side research regarding the subject of my fics whether it involves music, history, sometimes science. So, you might learn something.
And i'm up for requests, and if you wanna borrow my ocs or even my GMD fcs or something.
Feel free to ask.
I take one-shot requests and such. :dummy:

THEY MUST HAZ GF OR BF by Its-An-Inferno:thumb105874726:I write by Kansani
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I'm Sorry Stamp by neopuffI love crack pairings by Kirichan-Inuyasha
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More than romance - stamp by JessKat-artFriends by KiagouTombCharacter pairing - stamp by Angi-Shy
I'm Slashing you... by fablespinnerThose Fangirls -read desc- by genkistamps
Sailor Moon Crystal Henshin Stamp by uiopuiopSebby and Claude stamp by XiahismKusuriuri Yaoi STAMP by OTalkOStyxOStampO
Monthly Event February -Bisexual by Tea-Strawberrystamp :: Body Art by sequelle:thumb171420178:

Look at this fucking stamp tree. Now, I'm ready for Christmas. Stick a star on it! Oh well, just one more:

Works in progress:…

Also: I'm sometimes won't reply to all my thank you's.
Sorry, I'm mostly busy. :<



dancing in the rain by sollenafotografie dancing in the rain :iconsollenafotografie:sollenafotografie 116 2 Lolita with bats by DarkDevi Lolita with bats :icondarkdevi:DarkDevi 21 1 White lace: lea by gestiefeltekatze White lace: lea :icongestiefeltekatze:gestiefeltekatze 1,748 115 Aeolian dance by wlop Aeolian dance :iconwlop:wlop 12,287 244 Princess by wlop Princess :iconwlop:wlop 19,595 506 Ophelia by Avine Ophelia :iconavine:Avine 309 13 The Outer by SirWendigo The Outer :iconsirwendigo:SirWendigo 4,279 180 ambrosial by loish ambrosial :iconloish:loish 13,623 285
These are things I wish to have on my wall or in a frame. There are a lot of things I want, but hey, it doesn't hurt to wish? :)



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It doesn't help my self-esteem, it seems like no matter how many times I tell her to stop telling her those things, she likes to make me corrode on the way to class lately...but at least my classes are fun. It really makes me wish I can just live at school instead of home. I suffer less. 
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